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Musiikkia sinulle, minulle ja meille kaikille Saturday, March 18, 2006

Posted by Sami Oinonen in überkuul, kuluttaminen, musiikki.

Parhaillaan Austinissa käynnissä olevilla SXSW-musiikkimessuilla on tarjolla uskomaton määrä hienoa musiikkia. South by Southwestin saitillla voi tutustua satoihin artisteihin heidän promo-mp3:sten avulla. Bändien esittelytekstit ovat joskus varsin hupaista luettavaa. Kiinostaako instrumentaaliprogebändi balkanilaisvaikuttein? – The Trophy Wives brooklynistä on silloin bändisi. Entäpä etsitkö anti-hipsteribändiä, musiikkia joka ei sorru tyyliteltyyn musiikilliseen poseerailuun? – Austinin oma sonic assault-trio Ume saanee silloin äänesi. Vai oletko hieman kieromman musiikin perään? Kelpaako yhdistelmä Cirque du Soleilia ja black metallia? – Unexpect Montrealista toimii silloin varmasti.

[SXSW Bands]



1. Mat Kane - Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hey there – I’m Mat Kane, the violinist in the Trophy Wives. I just googled us and this blog came up. Anywho, I was hoping to get a translation of what was written about the band. And if anybody out there knows of opportunities to perform in Europe then by all means let us know – we’re looking to tour there this summer.


2. Sami Oinonen - Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hi Mat,

My blog post is just praising the insane amount of great music
available at SXSW. As I was skimming through the bands I stumbled
across your band. The way you (and the other two bands) describe your music sounded funny. That’s why I chose to write about you.

“Progressive rock band playing instrumental music with Balkan
inflections”. That sounds really, really odd and ultimately funny. But
as I was writing the original post I actually listened your promo
song. And I liked it. I still do. It reminds me bit of Estradasphere.
As a fan of klezmer an gypsy folk your balkanese influences sound
really unique. Also, your “Mortal Muzak” video game performance looks like being an interesting piece of art.

I hope I could help you further but I can’t. As for the “Mortal Muzak”
it does not hurt contacting Ars Electronica or ISEA2006.

BR, Sami

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