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Hello Mr. Sami Thursday, June 1, 2006

Posted by Sami Oinonen in brändit, status quo.

Ring ring. Tuntematon numero soittaa. Se on joko Neiti X tai lehdenmyyjä.

"Hello, is this Mr. Sami?"
(jaaha taas näitä, miten vaikeaa se on hahmottaa että täällä kylmässä pohjolassa on ihan samat etu- ja sukunimikonventiot kuin muuallakin länsimaissa)

"I am calling from Financial Times in London"
(no ei kai, justhan ne soitti viime viikolla)

– All right! I love Financial Times, and in fact you must love me since someone called me from FT only last week.

"Oh, is that so? Well are you then a subscriber to FT or have you been a subscriber? (No minkä ihmeen takia se kysyy tätä? Miksi se ei katso rekkareista asiakasdataani, vai onko niiden it-järjestelmät brittien tekemiä?)

– Well my dearest, I wonder how come you do not know that? I was a subscriber as I pointed out also last week. And the reason why I discontinued was that I don't have the time to read it on a daily basis, plus that you miserably failed to actually deliver the paper to me. What I got from you was old news. For example every Tuesday I got not only Saturday and Sunday issues, but also Monday's. But not Tuesday's. How stupid is that???

"But we have improved, we will deliver your FT right at your doorstep. With 99 euros a year, and you'll get also access to FT.com."

– Sorry, I just don't have the time and if I accessed the website only, then 99 euros sounds pretty steep to access a measly website, don't you think love?

"But you'd get also a 128mb usb memory stick as a free gift!"

– 128 megabytes! Are you kidding. I could not even fit my top 10 coolest powerpoint presentations in it, would I? Give me 1gb, or 2gb or even better 4gb then we are talking serious business!

"Nonono… I can't possibly do that…so there is no way I can change your mind?"

– No

"Perhaps later?"

– Perhaps



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