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Tedillä on asiaa Sunday, June 11, 2006

Posted by Sami Oinonen in bizarre.

Rokkarilla on valittavanaan kolme elämäntapavaihtoehtoa:

Level 1: Jerry Garcia: They did so many drugs they died. That's Level 1: The ultimate failure of individuals and society to identify deadly conduct. Horrifically, not only didn't they identify it, they fucking celebrated it. They encouraged it, they wrote about it, they danced about it, they drew people into it. So now, you have death and mayhem out of control.

Level 2: Ozzy Osbourne: You're not dead, but damn close. And again, I'm to repeat this: I LIKE OZZY. He is a good guy. He is an extremely talented man. More talented for the fact that he took those talents he does have, which are moderate, and sold 50 million records with them. So that's Level 2: You did all the stupid things, but you survived. Great.

Level 3: Ted Nugent. He defied the stupidity and his American dream soars on the wings of an American eagle. Because my happiness — the content, the fiber, the joys, the emotion — is all thriving in my life, because I discipline myself. Aha! That's what Jerry and Ozzy didn't have: The big "D." Discipline…Level 3 is those who are smart enough not to drink and drive, not to poison their God-given gifts, and to live the American dream of seeking excellence, and the resulting happiness that can not be stopped.

Näin siis absolutistina ja myös yltiökonservatiivina tunnettu kitaristi Ted Nugent. Hän on tänään keikalla Helsingissä, lippuja on ehkä vielä jäljellä…joo

[Ted Nugent: I have the American dream licked]



1. Schizo-Janne - Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ted Nugent olisi voinut tietenkin käyttää näitä mainostamiaan lahjojaan hyvien biisien ja levyjen tekemiseen eikä suun soittamiseen. “Cat Scrat Fever” on ainoa hyvä Nugentin biisi ja senkin levyttämisestä on jo kulunut liian monta vuotta.

2. Sami Oinonen - Sunday, June 11, 2006

jep. mutta täytyy nostaa hattua miehelle joka pystyy pokkana, kritiikistä välttämättä, pudottelemaan mitä oudoimpia viisauksia.

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